MERLIN “The Coming of Arthur, Part One” Review

Merlin Season 3 Episode 12 - The Coming of Arthur - Part 1

Morgana and Morgause are back to their usual schemes, which means more of Morgana’s glares and more of Emilia Fox, the former I could certainly do without. Merlin and Arthur are sent out of Camelot to find the Cup of Life from druids. Unfortunately they ar waylaid by slave traders who inform Morgause of their whereabouts. Morgause’s men captures the Cup of Life and use it to raise an army of immortals to remove Uther and instate Morgana as Queen.

There is a lot of fighting and chase sequences in this episode. Merlin and Arthur’s rapport was as amusing as ever and Gwaine’s return to the screen is always welcome. They’re capture by slave traders was, unfortunately, an unimaginative plot device to unite them with Gwaine. It was quite forced, and even the fight between Arthur and Gwaine, amusing as the dialogue should have been, felt forced.

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