SANCTUARY “Breach” Review

Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 7 - Breach

This week’s episode of Sanctuary finds Magnus trapped, alone, in an abandoned building and fighting off an assailant who turns out to be a nemesis from her past.

This was one of the most tense episodes of Sanctuary I have seen yet. It also had the most action. It was surprising that although almost every minute of this episode involved only Magnus and Adam/Hyde, there were never any moments of dullness. Magnus can sure hold her own and she can sure make weapons out of virtually nothing. She can have my back any day.

So this split personality Adam guy finds a way to speed up time and constructs a sort of fun house, if you will, to trap Magnus in order to get her to tell him about the hologram city her father sent her. Adam/Hyde want to get back to the very real city in Hollow Earth and, of course, to kill Magnus as she killed him 100 years ago. Did I miss the explanation as to why Adam didn’t die or how he came back?

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