THE AMAZING RACE “I Hate Chinese Food” Recap

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 10 - I Hate Chinese Food

The final four teams travel from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Hong Kong, China in the "I Hate Chinese Food" episode of THE AMAZING RACE. It’s needle in a haystack time again–this time with vomit.

Bunching: Jill and Thomas are the first to leave the Lalbagh Fort Pit Stop at 8:25 am. They have a five and a half hour lead on Nick and Vicki and an almost nine hour lead on last to leave Brook and Claire, but all four teams end up on the same 11:55 pm flight to Hong Kong International Airport. As happy as that makes me for Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire, I feel bad for Jill and Thomas. During the lull, we get a foreshadowing moment where Vicki tells us she and Nick are still working on her calming him down but that he’s getting better.

Shahjalal Airport: Brook and Claire think Jill and Thomas will "poop their pants" when they see their U-Turn failed. There is no pooping, and it isn’t even that awkward. Thomas tells the shopping hosts to take it as a compliment, everyone shakes hands, and we move on.

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