The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Episode 11 "Staub Wounds" Review

Well I think if people were to put it to a vote whether or not The New Jersey Housewives are the most entertaining bunch to watch over all the other Housewife series, it would win by a landslide. And here I thought tonight would be an average night since the drama has been so high all season. But nope, we are hit with drama again.

I would have to say the best quote of the night would be,""The only thing I regret about that night was pushing Kim G., because she is an older woman, and I do respect the elderly." Teresa states this tonight in reference to her regrets for pushing Kim G. But that was definately not the highlight tonight ladies and gentlemen. Danielle placing charges against Jacqueline's daughter Ashley? We hear from Ashley tonight about what she thinks of Danielle and well nothing nice was said but who could blame her. Jacqueline find's out when Kim G arrives at her house to tell her the news. Jacqueline makes a valid point about how Danielle expects people to forgive her for what she did 25 years ago but won't forgive a 19 year old girl for a hair pull.

And Kim G. even admits that she is two faced. Well there is some honesty. I could not get over who that woman molds herself to her current audience like a camillion. That will definately catch up to her sooner or later. I am still just in awe of tonight's episode. If you are a fan, you will not want to miss it.


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