Chinese Food Takes its Toll on 'The Amazing Race'

Chinese Food Takes its Toll on 'The Amazing Race'

It's time to leave Bangladesh, it's far too densely populated. Teams will now fly to Hong Kong, China, then travel by bus and ferry to search for the Cheung Po Tsai Cave. I approve! Jill and Thomas leave first, and have no idea who has been eliminated, just that they gave Brook and Claire a U-turn. Jill and Thomas go to a travel agency then back to the hotel, and everyone else goes to the airport. Jill and Thomas are not happy to see Brook and Clairewhen they get to the airport. "Don't hate us, k?" "you should take it as a compliment!"

Seeya in Hong Kong, where everyone will be tied up! They run to the bus and Jill and Thomas get on the first one out. Thomas, in possibly his most offensive moment yet, says they're going to "Ching Chong Island." Maybe he didn't know what he was saying? 

Nick and Vicki run to the ferry, but Vicki struggles with asthma. Maybe yelling will make it better, Nick thought to himself. They're stuck on the next ferry, which leaves half an hour later. Nick, who just a few legs of the race ago vowed not to yell anymore, tells Vicki, "I'm sick of you being sorry." Ouch. He says he's not stopping next time and she needs to suck it up. She's not the kid from the movie, Sidekicks, Nick! Geez! 

Claire, like Vicki, is struggling to keep up with her teammate. Jill and Thomas reach the clue box first, and learn that they will get on a ferry and find Majesty Chinese Restaurant for their next clue. Brook and Claireare starting to fall apart. Is Brook the new Thomas? No, they hugged it out. 

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