The Walking Dead 1.05 "Wildfire" Recap

 The Walking Dead 1.05 Wildfire Recap

"Wildfire" opens with Rick attempting to reach Morgan, the man who helped him in the pilot, on the radio. He tells him to avoid the city. It belongs to the dead now.

Andrea still hasn't left her sister's side after the vicious walker attack on the camp from the previous night. Lori insists that they'll be as gentle as they can, but they have to dispose of Amy as they did to the others: by destroying the brain and adding them to the human bonfire. Rick approaches Andrea, but Andrea tells him to back off by pointing a gun in his face.

The campers discuss what to do with not only Amy, but the rest of the dead. Glenn insists that the attackers are burned and the campers are buried in the holes that Jim had conveniently dug a day prior.

Jacqui notices that Jim is wounded. He insists that it was only a scratch, but also insists that he not show anyone his wound.

Daryl wants to kill Jim before he turns, but Rick has a feeling that the CDC is still operating. Shane says that he'd much rather find a military base. Both options are in opposite directions of each other.

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