Terriers 1.12 "Quid Pro Quo" Review

 Terriers 1.12 Quid Pro Quo Review

Wow. I was not expecting that at all. You know a show is great when it can shock you the way this week's episode of "Terriers" did.  This is, hands down, the most underappreciated show on television this fall.

The whole cast is superb, especially Donal Loque as Hank Dalworth.  Dalworth is such a complex character.  He is a screwed up ex cop and recovering alcoholic, now turned private dectective.  Dalworth's life is a  mess, yet you can't help but want to see him succeeed or turn his life around each week.  A lot of the show's greatness also comes from the chemistry and relationship between Dalworth and his partner Britt Pollack played by Michael Raymond-James. They have such a great comradarie and play off each other very well.  It is very hard to explain this episode without huge amounts of spoilers, so if you have not seen this week's show please do not read on.

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