'Dexter' recap: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

After last week's gasp-inducing final minutes -- when Jordan Chase all but declared war on Lumen and Dexter -- we knew something big was going to go down this week. Little did we know that episode 10's biggest moment would be less about Dexter and Lumen's destruction and more about the pair's union -- in the bedroom.

But there's so much to cover before we get to that, like Lumen's first kill, Deb's spot-on theory about a vigilante killer, and Liddy's highly incriminating new evidence that's going to bite someone in the ass sooner than later.

First, we picked up with Dexter shipping Harrison off to Orlando to his grandparents' house as a precaution following Jordan's threatening conversation with Lumen. Hopefully the cute little tyke isn't there too long; if Astor was any indication, the grandparents don't have a shining track record in the child care department.

As if parting from his son for the first time since Rita's death wasn't enough to poop on Dexter's day, he arrived at work to find out that the team was once again investigating Cole in the barrel girls case.

Dexter seemed surprised to learn this, but I'm fairly certain they pointed this out in the last episode. Correct? Then again, maybe he was too distracted by the situation with then-missing Astor to note it.

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