Joel McHale Teases Regis About His Age on 'Regis and Kelly': 'On the Periodic Table of Television You Are Carbon' (VIDEO)

Showing absolutely no respect for his elders whatsoever, Joel McHale of 'Community' takes several potshots at Regis Philbin's age on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated).

First, McHale jokes that 79-year-old Philbin "knew the Wright brothers." Then, he segues into a story involving an old couple he traveled with on a flight, but starts to say they were nowhere near as old as Philbin himself.

But the final insult comes as McHale delivers a backhanded compliment on Philbin's long-running career. "You are the king of all television," he said. "Like, when radio started, you probably went on radio and ... you just started bursting into people's homes."

"That's the third one!" complained Philbin. "When does he stop?!"

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