American Idol Season 9 Episode 15 "Final Results Revealed" REVIEW

American Idol

Tonight was the first elimination round this season where Americans got to vote to keep their top twenty favorite performers. Four contestants were sent home, two females and two males.

I was shocked tonight with the results of who was sent home and who stayed. It is tough to predict this show because a lot of viewers may decide not to vote because they may think that individual is already a popular vote and there is no need to take the time and vote for them. But in that case, that person just might be sent packing. I was surprised to see Grady get sent home. He wasn't my favorite male performer but he was entertaining and I thought he might be around for a bit longer. We also said goodbye to one of Cara's favorite male choices, Joe.

The two females that got sent home was Ashley Rodrigez and Jenell that sang, "What About Love". Both of these contestants had excellent singing voices, so it was a shock to see them both go. But then again the ladies remaining are pretty strong contestants. The viewers got to see Chris Allen perform tonight, last year's winner of American Idol. All in all, a pretty intense night on the show and a big wake up call for the remaining contestants to step it up. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I can only predict that next week's episodes are going to be a lot more extreme.


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