'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

The driving force of 'Sanctuary' is based on capturing abnormals, but there's another layer to the show that relies heavily on a certain mythology involving Helen Magnus and the other members of The Five: John Druitt, Nikola Tesla, James Watson and Nigel Griffin (The Invisible Man). This part of the show is always the most interesting, in my opinion, and this week's episode harkened back to this world.First, we were introduced to a new character, Adam -- a.k.a. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- who first appeared dressed like a bona fide Tusken Raider. Later, we found out that Magnus had apparently killed him at some point in the past, but the circumstances were unclear. So far, Adam is an interesting character and the writers did a good job of introducing him the way that they did. He pulled off the whole schizophrenia-paranoia bit nicely and there were definite, yet subtle, distinctions between his two personalities. 

When he was Dr. Jekyll, he adopted a Scottish accent (a nice nod to the characters' creator, Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson), and it was obvious that he didn't want to hurt Magnus; Mr. Hyde was controlling the situation. As Mr. Hyde, he was crass and clearly unhinged.

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