Celebrity Apprentice Season 9 Episode 2 "Episode 902" Review

Tonight's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice was a great one! The two teams headed each by a project manager had to run a restaurant and the proceeds were calculated to see who made the most money. The men chose a restaurant and charged high amounts for their food whereas the women chose the restaurant with high foot traffic and lower price for the food.

The episode was great, I have a new found respect for Cindy Lauper, she did seem really frazzled however in the midst of the restaurant chaos. That is what makes this show so great, it bring celebrities out of their normal elements of a luxuarious lifestyles and places them in normal working class environments. And there are usually some firecrackers as well on the show.

The episode even showed a disaggreement between the two women, a power outage, and someone getting fired. It was a great pick up to this season and I think that it will be a popular one. I never get tired of seeing celebrities fighting.


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