CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 23 "Time Bomb" Review

Well tonight's episode of CSI Miami was great from the second that it started. This was an episode that didn't take a second break from giving us 100 percent quality entertainment. We were left last week with Delko watching Horatio's ex girlfriend get blown up as she stood by a car.

Well at the beginning of tonight's episode it took us 20 minutes back. Showed us how he called Callie and lied to her about where he was at. She saw him outside and followed him. When he and she got to the location of the explosion she confronted him about his lying. The bomb went off killing only Horatio's ex. If Callie wouldn't have followed him we would have lost another member of the team.

The rest of the episode was also absolutely intense. I don't want to spoil all the details of it for you but the team gets investigated and they are even lead to Wolfe's apartment. The team really needs to focus on being a team. I love this show. It never fails to impress me. Its been around for eight seasons and is still going strong. Not a lot of shows can say that they made it that far.


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