THE EVENT “Everything Will Change” Review

The Event Season 1 Episode 10 - Everything Will Change

This week’s episode ends our The Event run for 2010, with new episodes starting on 28th February 2011. The midseason finale delivered a surprisingly linear storyline: Sean and Leila make some headway in their search for Samantha, and the USA is almost attacked with a nuclear warhead (which turns out to be a communications satellite) whipped up by Thomas, Isabelle and co.

I enjoyed this episode. If you’ve been reading my reviews for the past nine episodes, you’ll understand how strange this is. But there is a reason behind it; I’m learning to embrace the coincidences and the sheer good luck that every character seems to have. I mean, of course Sean found the keycard and knew when to use it (although, admittedly, he’s more tech savvy than the average bear). And the fire in the records room was never going to be destructive – we all know to only set fires that will singe the edges of the paperwork you wish to destroy. And heaven forbid the US government put a Google alert on each of the 97 detainee names, you know, just in case they’re used for whatever reason.

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