90210 “Best Lei’d Plans” Review

90210 Season 3 Episode 10 - Best Lei'd Plans

Navid/Silver – Navid spent the night at Silver’s just talking about his family as his girlfriend is too busy tweeting to take any time for him. Although it was all innocent, Navid still lied to Adrianna about where he spent the night. Maybe because he actually has feelings for Silver and even told her as much? Why he doesn’t break it off with Ade, I don’t know. If they all thought she was self absorbed before, with her advance being tripled and her fame off the charts, I think she will be totally unbearable. Soon you will not be able to tell her or her manager, Victor, apart. How rude was it when she called her friends "normal, nonfamous people"?

Teddy – Teddy apologizes to Ian, but swears him to secrecy regarding his confusion. Ian returns the favor by telling Silver that everything is cool between them which is surprising to her considering the last time she saw them, Teddy was yelling homophobic insults at Ian. After Silver decides to be friends with Teddy again which apparently involves making out with him, Teddy realizes his true feelings and kisses Ian. Who thinks Ian is going to break Teddy’s heart? Although I do not think it will be intentional, I just don’t think that Ian has feelings for Teddy. I think he is just trying to help Teddy in a difficult situation. Maybe they will become good friends.

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