'Gossip Girl' recap: Tried to Make Her Go to Rehab

Half way through last night's ultra dramatic episode of Gossip Girl, I had to pause and ask myself: Um, what show is this?

Like a punished schoolchild, Serena's cleavage didn't come out to play. Chuck's was given only slightly more screentime than Rufus Humphrey and his thinning hair. There was no party to speak of -- unless you count a Thanksgiving dinner served on cafeteria trays to prison inmates and their kin. And Blair (and everyone else for that matter) spent the entire episode inone outfit. Yes, one outfit. Wha?!?

Luckily, Dan and Nate and Juliet and her nefarious activities helped drag this episode out of our reality (where people change clothes only once a day) and back into the nine levels of Hell where Gossip Girl exists. Whew. I'll admit: I was scared -- I thought we'd lost it there for a minute. Never underestimate the episode-reviving power of a few homoerotic moments and a crazy bitch.

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