'90210' recap: Making Waves

Maybe it was a tryptophan hangover or the effects of too much pie, but after taking Thanksgiving week off, the kids of West Beverly returned last night more confused than ever. What exactly did Navid make of his blossoming feelings for Silver? Where did Oscar's sudden compassion come from? And seriously, Teddy, what's going on with this tangled web of emotions in your head? Let's find out how they grappled with all this angst.

Navid, Silver and Adrianna
Victor, who has gone from omnipresent to barely existent on the show, gave Aid the news that her single was hotter than ever, and the record company was so happy that they tripled her advance. But as they say, more money, more problems. With all her new-found fame and moolah, Aid found herself becoming more vapid, self-absorbed and paparazzi-hungry than ever before. Was I the only one who wanted to chuck that awful white phone—and her Ashton Kutcher Twitter feed—into the Pacific? When Aid was distracted by text messages as Navid began to pour his heart out about his family, he lashed out and flew the coop. And this was where it got complicated. Silver clearly has feelings for Navid, but she has some loyalty to Aid, and her emotions for Teddy are starting to resurface. At the same time, Navid seems to have fallen pretty much totally out of love with Aid and was ready to tell Silver just that...until Silver helped Aid plan a romantic beach dinner for Navid. Friendship, you win this round!

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