"Some Roads Lead Nowhere" One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 12

Well there was a definate smile that came across my face tonight. I also burst out laughing and have gained some sort of liking of Quinn. I haven't quite warmed up to her character or even her as an actress on this show but after tonight's episode, I think I can safely say that I'm no longer disappointed.

When I saw that routine she did for cheerleading, it reminded me of Sandra Bullock on the movie the purposal. Sometimes its just funny when a girl can be herself just like Merv at one of those cheerleading competition back in one of the earlier season.

I am proud that Clay has stepped up and got Nathan what he originally wanted and that was to play for the Charolette Bobcats. Plus they were great friends on top of it so its great to see it coming together. As for the Alex issue. I can not wait for her to be cast OFF this show. Not a fan of her acting or her character role. Team Brooke!


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