CHASE “Under the Radar” Review

Chase Season 1 Episode 10 - Under the Radar

They played with the boy/girl dynamic in this episode, which was a real kick. First, Jimmy and Luke go off to get a closer look at their fugitives by using their manly wiles in a bar. Then Daisy and Annie team up for a bit, trying their best to become girlfriends and get to know each other better. The best part of that was watching them trade facts about each other not so much like girlfriends, but more like cops doing an investigation.

Now if their quarry had been a couple of former cheerleaders and beauty queens out robbing dress shops, Annie and Daisy would’ve been in real trouble. But because the lady fugitives aren’t your typical girls either, the lady Marshals are able to figure out their next moves a little easier.

Though the team didn’t spend the whole time split up into boys and girls teams, I still enjoyed the bonding on both sides that happened while they were. Annie admitting to Daisy that the reason she kept the old boots around is because her dad gave them to her was great. Her admission that she doesn’t know where he is was very interesting. I wondered if he was in jail, but I guess not, though I do still wonder if maybe he should be.

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