CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Leftovers” Review

Chuck Season 4 Episode 10 - Chuck Versus the Leftovers

It’s Thanksgiving at the Bartowski household, and we had at least one thing to be grateful for: the return of Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton. Dalton’s Volkoff is not the best television villain I have ever seen. He may not be the best villain Chuck has ever had, but he suits the mood of Chuck. Sometimes he is deadly serious and the dangers the characters face feel immense. More often than not however he serves as the goofy, affable villain who, whilst not bumbling, is certainly too farcical to be taken seriously. He’s like the personfication of the entire television show Chuck, and in a way represents all the flaws the show has whilst being completely charming, ominous and giving, at times, a terrific performance.

Let’s face it, nearing the midseason finale you want more out of Chuck than recycled plot devices (Buy More is taken over by villains) no matter how well executed they are, and you want real danger, not just the faint promise of danger to come.

The reveal that Volkhoff is in love with Chuck’s mother was a development that was predictable though not ridiculous. It suffered however from being overplayed to the extent that it felt frustrating.

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