Chuck 4.10 "Chuck vs the Leftovers" Review

 Chuck 4.10 Chuck vs the Leftovers ReviewIt is close enough to Christmas for Chuck once again to pull out the Die Hard references and whilst this weeks episode was not as strong as the previous homage in the season 2 outing of "Chuck vs the Santa Claus", nor as last weeks Sarah Walker ass kicking fest it was still fun.

Timothy Dalton was used terrifically as both the lovestruck and threatening master villain and is a terrific addition to the series and for an episode thatcould have come across as a stale his excellent performance meant otherwise. This was due in part because I believed he was capable of doing anything- yes I half expected for someone that Chuck loves to take a bullet or for Chuck to take a knife to the gut, after all he did point out that is one of the only things his mother hasn't done to him. This meant that I was on tenterhooks, especially at the dinner with the Awesome's which led to a hilarious game of charades, The Bourne Identity any one? If you haven't seen the Edgar Wright's fantastic comedy Hot Fuzz and enjoyed Dalton's performance in Chuck so far I implore you to check it out for some more comedic menacing brilliance.

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