'The Event' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap (VIDEO)

When you title an episode 'Everything Will Change,' you're inviting a host of skepticism. When you're 'The Event,' you've already got plenty of skepticism aimed at you, so why not promise a game changer in the final episode before the show returns at the end of February? Very little substantially changed, although the show did manage to finally tie the Sean/Leila story more firmly into the rest of the show, along with perhaps showing us onscreen what the title of the show means. 

Thomas's long-distance phone call to wherever "home" is for Sophia's Crew, did expand the show's scope in a fairly compelling manner. It wasn't quite first contact, insofar as "aliens"/alterna-humans are already here, but it did push the show from merely "extraterrestrials walk among us" into "extraterrestrials might be coming to put a hurt onto us." The former is unnerving, to be sure, but the latter is downright terrifying. That's not to say that the end results will play out that way, but at least the scenario is a possibility.

E.T. used a Speak n' Spell to call home, whereas Thomas used hidden funds and the cooperation of tribal nations in a fictitious country to do the same. That being said, while it's fun to think about the possibilities inherent in that message, we still have next to nothing to go on in terms of trying to even hazard a semi-decent guess. We know that a few hundred of these entities landed in Alaska in 1947, but we don't know how, why, or whence. It seems like their arrival was the result of an accident, but it's unclear if that accident was mechanical (i.e., their version of the flux capacitor overheated) or mathematical (they tried to jump to another point in our timeline but, like Bugs Bunny, didn't take that left turn at Albuquerque).

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