Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 2 :: Where There's A Will, There's

The scene opens with Bo and Kenzi in the store buying things for their place and Kenzi tells that they need to spruce things up. Bo tells that it is the best she has had since leaving home at 18-years-old. She tells that it is hard to really be happy when you find out that you are an age old life sucking demon. She sees a man and Kenzi stops her and asks what she is doing. Bo tells that she is getting hungry. Kenzi tells that they don’t kill where they shop. Later in the evening, a man is out in a forest and tells the creature he is following to show himself. He almost falls over a cliff, but catches himself. Every now and then there are green fires that pop up to scare the mystery man off. Suddenly, he comes upon a home and finds a chest full of gold.

Kenzi and Bo enter their place with an end table to add to the decoration of the place. Bo tells that she can’t afford things like this and Kenzi tells that they "reassigned its location", but Bo tells that they are not thieves. Suddenly there is a green fire on the couch. They put it out. A man is there and introduced himself as Will, a woodland Faye. He apologizes for the couch and says that he does that. He says that he needs their help and tells that a human has been terrorizing his woods and last night he took his treasure. Kenzi is interested now. He says that he tried to distract him with his fairy fires, but it didn’t work. Bo asks why they would help him and Will tells that he has something that she wants, information about her parents. She agrees to help him. 

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