Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 3 :: Oh Kappa, My Kappa

The scene opens with Bo getting out of bed and Dyson is there with her. She is completely healed from being shot in the last episode and she asks how Dyson feels. He tells that he feels like he just ran a marathon. Dyson tells that he is glad to help her and tells that he has to get going unless Bo needs something else. She lies and says that she has a headache. Meanwhile in a forest, a young woman is running from an unknown creature and almost falls into a gigantic hole. The creature runs up on her and she screams. Kenzie wakes up and finds Dyson in the bathroom. She does a happy dance in the hallway. She goes up to Bo and starts drilling her with questions of what happened and Bo keeps quiet. Bo sees Kenzie’s new brochure about a Private Eye service and Bo is hesitant. Kenzie tells her to meet with a few clients first and then go from there. She agrees. 

Kenzie and Bo meet with Mrs. Aims and her daughter, Gina, has gone missing. She hasn’t been missing for 48 hours so the police won’t do anything about it. Mrs. Aims tells that it is not like Gina to skip out on classes and to miss out on being the new pledge for the KAPA Sorority initiation. Kenzie tells Bo that Gina probably went running off and tells Bo to look into it with the police and Dyson and she will find clues on her own. Bo meets with Dyson and he tells that he doesn’t have anything on the human database, but on the Faye database, a possibility caught his attention. College girls have gone missing and they were ruled out as runaways. Bo gets back to the apartment and tells Kenzie that she is going to be doing Security at the college, but tells that Kenzie is going to have to go undercover as a new pledge for the KAPA Sorority House. Kenzie doesn’t like the fact that she has to wear pink and be preppy. Kenzie and Bo arrive on campus and Kenzie is not liking the fact that she is going to have to smile all the time now. Meanwhile, Gina wakes up from falling and suddenly something in the water comes out and tries to grab her. She runs and gets out of reach of the monster. 

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