Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 4 :: Faetal Attraction

The scene opens with Bo and Kenzie running out of a house and Dyson pulls up. They tell him to stay back. Suddenly there is an explosion and skulls fall from above. He asks what is going on and Bo tells that some people cannot handle rejection too well. The show rewinds to the beginning of the incident and Kenzie is sitting at the edge of the bed trying to get Bo out of bed from her night of dealing with Dyson and she wants all the details. She tells that she found him with another woman. Kenzie feels bad for Bo and tells that she is going to take her out and they are going to have a fun day. Meanwhile at the police station, Dyson is having a bad day and dislocates a crooks arm and relocates it on his way out. Mob wants to know what is wrong with Dyson but he walks out of the station. 

Kenzie and Bo are in a field with a broken down car and Bo is hitting it with a crow bar. Kenzie tells her to think it is Dyson’s face. They go to the bar and Kenzie tells Trick that they want to feel good. Bo agrees to one drink. At the station, Dyson’s boss tells that the crook is getting off on charges and also is going to sue the department. He tells that is all talk and his boss tells that he is going to see a psychologist for his issues. Mob comes in and demands to know what is going on. He tells that he is overworked with the human world and the Faye World. He mentions Bo too and tells that she is a handful too. Mob catches on that they had a thing together and Dyson tells that he needs a drink. At the bar, one drink turns into several and Kenzie tells that they are going to drink away Dyson. Laura comes up and tells that she disagrees with her heavy drinking and tells Kenzie to watch out for her. A man comes up and introduces himself to Bo as Samir and he tells that his wife, Olivia, and him would love to have her over for a drink. He tells that she is a Fury and he doesn’t do anything without her. Bo declines. Dyson comes in and Kenzie tells Bo that rebound sex is always good. She takes Kenzie up on her offer and goes over to Samir and Olivia and tells that she will do it and tells them to go to her place. They arrive and start getting into it and Kenzie is downstairs trying to eat amongst the screaming and moaning and dust from the ceiling falling into her food. 

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