Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 5 :: Dead Luck

The scene opens with Bo and Dyson getting what they „need" at the station and Bo asks what he wants for Breakfast. He tells that there are some rules. They work out the details and Dyson offers to take her home. She tells that she can take care of her self. She goes out and is accosted by three men who tell her to get in the van. She kicks one of the men in the groin and the other two pull out guns. They order her into the van. Meanwhile, Kenzie meets with a potential client that has someone trying to kill her. The name of the killer is Ms. Snikerpants and it is her cat. The woman tells that she has already been to the police and they think that she is crazy. She shows a roll of money and Kenzie decides to try to help her but she is still waiting for Bo to show up. 

Bo gets escorted to a Chinese restaurant and meets up with Myers, a Luck Faye. He tells that he want to hire her to find out what she can on Roger, a human that took money from him somehow. He tells that he is Dark Faye and that Demorigan wants to know what is going on too or she will get rid of him. He tells that he sucked all the Luck from him, so it doesn’t make sense why he would have won the bet. Myers tells Bo that if she helps him, he will give her 15 minutes with his Niece, Cassie. He tells that she is a true Oracle and can tell Bo about her past and future. Cassie comes out and she is not the typical person Bo was expecting. Cassie has a Valley Girl persona. Back at the restaurant where Kenzie is at, and she is trying to get a hold of Bo. The woman interested in their services is getting tired of waiting and tells that she will hire a different Private Investigator and leaves. Meanwhile, Bo gets a reading from Cassie and she sees into her past when she was 18 and where she killed her boyfriend. Cassie tells Bo that she ran and she is still running away. Cassie comes out of the trance and Bo believes her. She takes the job. 

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