Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 6 :: Food for Thought

The scene opens with Bo getting ready for her date with Lauren. She tells that Lauren is teaching her how to control her Succubus side and she wants to look night. Kenzie tells that Bo likes the females and Bo tells that is for science. Meanwhile a woman is cooking up body parts so that she could eat them. Later, she goes to bed and then wakes up and screams at an unknown source. Bo meets with Lauren and they have fun talking and Lauren tells that she can control the Succubus side of her if she wanted to. Lauren asks Bo how she read Libido. Bo tells that she can see their heat. She looks on a couple and tells that the man is generating a 4 on the scale and the girl is registering a 7. Lauren suggests that she read her and Bo laughs. After a few shots, Bo starts to use her powers to take the test that Lauren wanted to give her. She stops and tells that the she isn’t ready. 

The next day, Kenzie comes into Lauren’s office and Bo tells her not to touch anything. Lauren comes in and tells that she doesn’t have time for her today because she has to deal with an outside patient. Lauren come in and Bo meets Halima, an Aswang, one of the older Faye Orders. It is the same woman from the beginning. She tells that an Aswang uses dead bodies for their nourishment. Meanwhile, Kenzie is in the kitchen snacking and sees the pot of soup cooking. Halima tells that she doesn’t know what was wrong with the corpse she ate and tells that she has eaten the plague and other bad diseased dead people. In the kitchen, Lauren and Bo walk in to find that Kenzie ate the soup. She starts to immediately scrub her tongue with everything she can find. Lauren tells that she is going to look into the reason for the internal bleeding from the eyes that that Halima is suffering from. 

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