Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 7 :: ArachnoFaebia

The scene opens up with Kenzie flirting with a pizza delivery boy and Bo uses her powers to make him leave. Kenzie tells that she was getting her "flirt on". Bo and Kenzie have their first fight about the fact that Kenzie and Bo can’t keep the place clutter free and Kenzie gets stuck with the dishes after rat droppings were found. Meanwhile, an old woman talking to a person named Martha and tells that they are going to be ready. She turns around and Martha is there. She tells that she has been waiting 60 years for her to shut up and then Martha stabs her sister with knitting needles. 

Back at Bo and Kenzie’s, Bo tells that she has a date with Lauren tonight and that it is going to be fun. Bo and Kenzie get ready for Kenzie’s scam and they go to the home of Martha and her sister. The real estate agent called so the house can get a cleansing. Kenzie plays a character and she is a gypsy and pretends to be in touch with the divine. This means that she needs to dance around should "Get the Gi-Gi out!" Dyson and Mob walk out of a house and they are trying to see if anyone saw anything and Hale spots Kenzie and Bo’s car outside the house of the murdered old women. Inside, Kenzie finishes up and tells that her fee needs to be paid. A spider crawls in Kenzie’s purse. The real estate agent pays her and they leave to find that Dyson and Mob are by their car. To avoid any police trouble, Kenzie offers to cut Hale in 5%. 

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