Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 8 :: Vexed

The scene opens with Bo walking with her arm bleeding and there is a Dyson punching a bag. Bo walks into Dyson’s and she is in bad shape. She tells him "one more time" and they commence to "heal" Bo. He stops her once she is healed and he asks why she is all beaten up. She tells that she was following a person for a client and tells he wasn’t alone and things got out of control. He tells her that she is going to have to handle herself better and that she used up her last time. Later, Kenzie and Bo walk into a warehouse and they are supposed to meet with the contact, but they find that he is dead by hanging. They walk up to the body and he opens his eyes. He is a vampire named Siegfried. She gives him blood for information on her mother. Bo shows the duffel bag full of blood and he gives her a newspaper clipping and Kenzie tells that it is not real because the woman, Lou Anne, is going to be executed soon. He tells that is all the information he has on her mother.

Bo visits Lauren and she tells that she likes her necklace. Lauren asks about her conquest of having sex with humans and Bo tells that they should take things slow with Lauren for the fear that she is not going to be able to control it. Kenzie and Bo, pretending to be agents, get into the prison to talk to Lou Anne and Bo uses her power to get in through the guard. They sit down with Lou Anne and she doesn’t even know her, but when she tells that she was raised by humans and Lou Anne tells that she is the "Fielding". Bo tells that there is something else going on when Lou Anne leaves. Meanwhile, Siegfried is heating up his blood and he turns around to find Vex. He takes control of Siegfriend’s body and make him drop a knife in the garbage disposal and makes him chop his own hand off and kills him. Dyson and the rest of the police arrive on scene to a pool of blood. Bo comes up and Dyson wants to know why she is there. Dyson tells that the tips on her mother are not real and Bo tells that she is entitled to some answers. She tells that she needs to have the file and if there is nothing useful, she will drop everything.

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