Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 9 :: Fae Day

The scene opens with Bo in denial about the fact that she could save LuAnne from death. Kenzie tells her to relax and tells that Trick wants her to go to the bar. Bo tells that she needs a break from the Faye. However, when they get there there’s a party going on. It is called "La Sho Shane", the most sacred day for Faye. He tells that this is the day that Dark Faye and Light Faye can fornicate. A woman by the Harp stands up and screams. She is a banshee. Trick tells that someone in the bar is going to die. He tells everyone to get out of the bar and says that only the five royal families can stay. Dyson tells that Bo needs to help him find out who the banshee called for. Bo agrees and Kenzie tells that she will hang around the bar and eat. Trick is upset with the whole thing and secludes himself inside his office. Dyson follows him in and tells that Bo is ready to hear the truth, but Trick is not ready. He tells that LuAnne was the midwife of Bo’s birth.

Dyson and Bo arrive at the banshee’s place and they ask for the banshee but her friend tells that she is gone. Suddenly there is a sneeze and they find the banshee. Back at the bar Kenzie talks to another Faye. Dyson and Bo tie up the banshee and Dyson blends up liver. Bo pours down the liver done throat in the and she comes out and tells that the call was for Sean Kavana. He has until suset. Suddenly she pucks up the liver and comes back to normal. Kenzie is playing games with their new friend and she asks what he does and he tells he is an accountant. She asks if he ever skimmed off the top and he says that he never did. Bo and Dyson come in and call out Sean. The man Kenzie has been playing with is Sean. Kenzie sits down with Sean and he tells that he is dead no matter what, but Kenzie tells him to make a "bucket list". In Trick’s office he shows Bo a book about the traditions of "La Sho Shane". Sean asks if Bo can reconcile with his brother, Liam. She agrees to help him.

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