Recap Lost Girl - Season 1 Episode 10 :: The Mourning After

The scene opens up with Kenzie and Bo sharpening weapons. Bo says that her and Dyson are taking it slow. Kenzie tells that she needs to put herself out more. Bo tells that she is in no rush to find love and tells that the dating scene is killer. Meanwhile, the young couple hook up in the woman asks if the man wants to go with her. They have sex in the next morning the woman wakes up to find the man gone. She starts a bath and writes something on the windows before place and I hairdryer in the bathtub with her. Dyson and Hale investigate and they rule it out as suicide. Bo and Kenzie meet with the woman's sister and she tells that she needs their help to clear her sister’s suicide as murder. 

Bo visits with Lauren and she tells that the woman wrote the messages on the window herself and that she had sex prior to killing herself. Bo tells that she doesn't trust Lauren in ways of sex based on her betrayal to her previously. Lauren tries to apologize to Bo, but she wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Kenzie goes to the bar and sits down with Trick. She asked for a drink and he tells her to help herself because he is busy. Balentine comes into the bar and tells that he will be there at midnight to reclaim the coin. Kenzie tells that a lot of crazy things going on. Bo comes in to the bar and tells the need to meet Collette to find out who Allison had sex with last, but Collette tells that she doesn't know anything. Bo finds that Allison liked going to a bar called "Crimson". They go over to the bar and they find out that Allison was going to speed dating.

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