'Sons of Anarchy' season finale: The Rat Prince


When I think back to the season 3 finale of Sons of Anarchy, I’ll remember three things:

1. The moment that Jax’s face turned to a smile in the paddy wagon as he got word that the plan none of us saw coming had worked: Turns out the club knew, probably all along, about him turning rat with Agent Stahl to clear Gemma and get their sentence reduced to three years (14 months with good behavior). With Unser having no hope of saving the Charming PD after Salazar’s death last episode (is that why Jax really did it?), he was again loyal to SAMCRO and stopped Stahl and her men as they were driving off with Jimmy O (who thought he had the luck of the Irish when the Feds took him into custody from the Sons after they’d bought him from the Russians with counterfeit money). Unser sent Stahl’s men ahead to investigate a threat and said he’d wait with her. Cue members of the Sons rolling up in a school bus — Chibs stabbed Jimmy, and Opie shot Stahl. Poetic. Kozik gave Unser a punch (other cheek, he’s had bridgework done), so it’d look like he got overpowered by, I presume, IRA hitmen who left their sign on the car window in Jimmy’s blood. Kozik also tore up the deal Jax had signed naming members of the Irish kings.

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