'Glee' recap: Performance Anxiety

It’s beginning to look a lot like Sectionals onGlee!!! How did this annual holiday come so fast? I mean I know that it’s not long after Thanksgiving, but it seems like it’s occurring earlier and earlier every year. I haven’t even gotten my shopping done yet…and by shopping I mean purchasing some wine at my liquor store to imbibe while recapping this show. (Said beverage also pairs nicely with watching Glee in the privacy of my apartment and weeping).

So clearly tonight’s episode was all about New Directions going back to Sectionals and attempting to reclaim victory. First of all, theGlee writers were once again being self-referential—which I totally enjoy: Basically, Emma called out Will for ignoring some of the team's major players, which definitely parallels what's happening on the show. (In defense of Glee's creative team, though, with such a huge and talented ensemble, it must be hard to give all of these folks major storylines). So, Will decided to buck the trend and pass over favorites Rachel and Finn for solos and give the major songs to underdogs Quinn, Sam, and Santana. Obvs this brought out jealousy amongst the group, particularly with Rachel. Well, Santana then chose this inappropriate moment to announce she and Finn had sex. Whoops. Not the best timing. Still, it gave a reason to have Lea Michele in more scenes, which I appreciated. She’s been underused this season, and I miss Rachel’s aggressive arrogance.

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