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'The Biggest Loser' Last Week on Campus

'The Biggest Loser' Last Week on Campus

Alison tells the contestants that they've reached the final week on campus and there's only one obstacle in their way ... "make that two." Alison, you saucy minx. This week there's a yellow line and a red line. Dang! Not that Team Mafia has anything to worry about, they've got numbers and an alliance that's thicker than blood. They go into their own little room to gloat."It's laughable," says Brendan. I hope the show is setting them up for a big disappointment. But they don't know they're being edited, so they agree that the winner is in the room. If only it were over-confidence, not curiosity, that killed the cat.Oh hi, Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin! And Alison. Nastia talks about goals, Alison talks about a sweet $10,000 pop challenge from Subway. After the pop challenge, everyone gets a sandwich! Thanks, Nastia! Pop ChallengeThe contestants will compete on five different types of exercise, with one contestant eliminated after each round. They'll start on the Street Strider (that's a thing?), then run, then row, then jump rope, and the final two will climb 500 feet on Jacob's Ladder. For $10,000! The first person to get nothing more than a Subway sandwich is Elizabeth. Of course.Ada finishes the running first, easily, followed by Team Mafia. Mark is eliminated. Next on the rowing (by the pool, for effect), Ada is eliminated by a hair. I was hoping it would be Frado, who is grunting and yelling like there's $10,000 on the line.The best part of this was definitely the jump roping. Alison tells them to start, and they all jump on the rope. I'm guessing Bob and Jillian don't have them jump rope very often? Frado's out, leaving Patrick and Brendan to compete on Jacob's Ladder. You know what looks like no fun at all? Jacob's Ladder. Brendan wins. Nastia Liukin robotically congratulates him. Everyone has a sandwich.

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