Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 13 - NS

Never let it be said that Sons of Anarchy doesn’t deliver in its season finales. This episode was brilliant. The twist at the end of the episode makes me wonder when Jax clued the club into the deal, but it puts an interesting slant on the twelve episodes preceding it.

Let’s take a moment to say goodbye to the bitch and bastard who shaped both the show and the club itself.

Jimmy O had to go. Deal or no deal, there was no way he could get carted off without paying for the deaths in Ireland. That it was Chibs who killed him was nothing short of beautiful. The Glasgow smile made me, well, smile. Closure and tied loose ends, what could be better?

June Stahl – was she a criminal who got into law enforcement or a law enforcer so intent on doing the right thing that she looped back around to being a criminal? Or was she just a no holds barred psychopath? It may be impossible to know. But thanks to her cold-hearted, callous nature, I think we can all agree that Stahl was the bitch everyone loved to hate.

Her death also served as closure for Opie. It hasn’t been long since Donna’s death, certainly not enough time for Opie to have gotten over it, so he needed something to close the door between his life with Donna and his impending marriage to Lyla. This was it.

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