TOWER PREP “Election” Review

Tower Prep Season 1 Episode 7 - Election

Student body elections are often the highlight of the year for many students, and Tower Prep is no different. The elections are well underway when one of the two candidates for student body president is mysteriously taken ill while dissecting a rat during biology class. Ian, of course, sees this as another potential escape, but before he can volunteer to run, Gabe offers himself up instead, sure that his power of persuasion will help him win the election. Enlisting CJ and Suki to help, Gabe embarks on his campaign. Meanwhile…

Yeah, you knew there was a meanwhile, and this one is a biggie.

Ian is getting sick. Very sick. The illness, whatever it is, affects his skills, taking away what makes him special, and the "disease" is spreading. CJ, Suki and other students are falling ill. While investigating the cause of illness, Ian ends up in the nurse’s office. She checks him over and takes a blood sample. The nurse is worried, she’s seen it all before, and goes to the headmaster and tells him she thinks "it’s" happening again; Chemica Desin is back. While trying once again to find answers in the nurse’s office, Ian discovers his own medical file that shows he tests positive for the mysterious Chemica Desin. He steals the remainder of his blood sample and takes it to a student who can "see" the sample and what is there.

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