RAISING HOPE “Burt Rocks” Review

Raising Hope Season 1 Episode 10 - Burt Rocks

Tonight’s very special bedtime story follows Burthew the Grass Cutter and Guitar Hero as he fells a dragon in the form of washed-up singer Smokey Floyd in the "Burt Rocks" episode of RAISING HOPE.

Oh, Raising Hope, how you make me laugh. You’re never boring and that’s why you’ll stay on much longer than a year. This episode is the perfect combination of hilarious and touching as Burt makes sure Jimmy won’t have regrets while Jimmy helps Burt face his own. "I hated you"/"You’re not just saying that?" Lucas Neff really goes all out with the "not normal" (understatement of the year) face and I love Hope’s expressions during that whole exchange. She gets more adorable and spot-on each episode, and I’m glad the show doesn’t romanticize parenthood: admitting it’s hard and exhausting ("The bloom is off the rose of that baby"–hee) is more realistic and meaningful.

Each week I think I can’t love this cast more and each week I’m wrong. Garret Dillahunt does indeed rock this episode with Burt’s actual rocking (love the synchronized music), his more than a little disturbing smooch with Jimmy ("Don’t kiss me on the lips"/"Stop saying things that make me want to!"), and his Smokey Floyd smack down. Burt’s freak-out dance on the front lawn is a sight to behold and oh, my: his head gets stuck to the metal shelf. Bwah!

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