ONE TREE HILL “Lists, Plans” Review

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 10 - Lists, Plans

Nathan heads back to school, Brooke tries to plan a wedding that is not backyard trashy and Quinn consults a muderer on how to murder. Welcome to this week’s episode of One Tree Hill.

Let’s start with the murder plot. Absolutely ridiculous. First, didn’t Dan kill Keith in the school and on a spur of the moment? How would he know how to orchestrate a murder and cover it up? Also, how overly dramatic was that music for every scene he and Quinn were in? It drove me crazy. Other ridiculousness included how many times they said murder (which made me say it like MERRRRDERRRR in my head), the fact that they actually made a list of things to buy with the heading "Murder" on it, and some of their diaglogue. "What can I help you with?" "Murder." Okay. I did like Dan telling Quinn that she looked familiar and wondering if they slept together. Thankfully, Quinn has decided not to kill crazy shooter girl, but now the girl is headed back to Tree Hill to cause more trouble. The cheesiest moment in this entire episode was the very last shot of her looking at the camera. Maybe Dan could come in as a hitman and kill the woman. While he is there, he can also take care of Mia and Chase. I will offer to chip in the extra bucks.

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