'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

stargate universe resurgenceOne of the things I love most about 'Stargate Universe' is how the show manages to bring me to the edge of my seat with carefully crafted suspenseful moments -- like the build-up to the space jump in last night's mid-season finale. 

The scene probably didn't do much for most viewers, but watching Greer leap from the edge of the shuttle to a hole in the side of a dark alien ship, wearing a space suit that may or may not be broken, was enough to make me squirm in my seat. 

It just worked. The cinematography, special affects, set design, music and lighting all came together for an exciting scene that reminded me of some of the best horror/sci-fi films of all time, like 'The Thing,' 'Dark City' or, of course, 'Alien.' 'Resurgence' only got better from that point on ... until the episode ended abruptly with Destiny caught in the middle of a crazy space battle.

It's a problem we've seen before on 'SGU' – the frustrating cliffhanger. Last season ended on the verge of a climax with every major character about to get killed, and this mid-season-ender was no different. 

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