'Sons of Anarchy' Season 3 Finale Recap

The current season of 'Sons of Anarchy' has gotten me thinking about secrets and lies. 

When are secrets the characters are carrying effective tension-builders? When is it good for the audience to know something that the characters don't and vice versa? The show's extra-long season finale caused me to ponder these topics once again. 

Overall, there was a propulsive sense of forward movement in the episode, and some excellent character moments as well. However there was a twist at the end of the episode, one that both worked and didn't work. 

Was the twist entertaining on one level? Sure. But it was also indicative of some of the problems of this uneven season.

On one level, it was pleasing (and a relief) to see Jax pull out a win. Anticipating that Agent Stahl would betray him in any number of ways, Jax wriggled out of the ATF agent's trap and got exactly what he wanted. Gemma is clear of all serious charges, the club will do short time for the church raid and he managed to both deliver Jimmy O'Phelan to the ATF and kill the Irish gun-runner as well. That was one hell of a to-do list, but the Sons checked off every item on it, with ingenuity and a well-coordinated team effort. 

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