Steve Has Seen The Coen Brothers’ TRUE GRIT; Some Thoughts and a Video Blog


In the late 90’s, I used to watch Pedro Martinez pitch for the Boston Red Sox.  While he’d always been a decent pitcher, starting in ‘97, he was in the zone, striking out batters with such ease that everyone knew they were watching something special.  It got to be that his dates on the mound were circled on calendars and people cleared their schedules to make sure they could watch.

Which brings me to the latest Coen Brothers movie, True Grit.

For the past few years, moviegoers have been witness to an incredible streak of brilliant movies from the Coens, starting with No Country For Old Men in 2007, and continuing with Burn After ReadingA Serious Man, and now their latest work of genius, True Grit.  Like Pedro Martinez in the 90’s, the brothers are throwing fastball after fastball and they’re making it look far too easy.  And they’re doing it every year.  If you’re a movie nerd, you know how difficult it is to make one great movie, let alone four in four years.  Much more after the jump:

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