The City Season 2 Episode 8 "Episode 208" Review

I think this just might be the last episode of The City I might watch. Don't get me wrong it can be entertaining watching a bunch of girl's argue it out and stab each other in the back but I find no substance to this show anymore. When this first episode aired last season, I liked the storylines, especially with the relationship aspect of the show. Now it's just all jobs and fashion shows.

For some viewers they may be die hard fans of this show but it's sister show The Hills I find to have a lot more entertaining drama. Whitney tonight showed her true colors and was still the innocent girl next door. But I can't imagine what it would be like dealing with someone like Olivia. Sometimes I wonder why they took the job route as the main focal point of this show.

The episode tonight was average. There was major cattiness between Whitney and her airheaded friend especially when she told Whitney that Whitney's boss wouldn't have made a decision like Whitney did tonight in harsh tones. Maybe this show will take a different turn and stick around for another season. I will keep my fingers crossed.


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