'Friday Night Lights': Matt Lauria on Luke's future with Becky, friendship with Vince


Confession: We here at Zap2it love, and we mean love"Friday Night Lights" and the perfection that is Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria). We've been No. 44's honorary rally girls ever since he cried and apologized to Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) on the football field (in the rain!) last season after lying about his address to stay a Dillon Panther (you know the scene). He sealed the deal this season when he traded his beloved pig, Mirabelle, for his girl, Becky (Madison Burge). "I traded my pig for you" is the new "I love you."When we spoke to Lauria, we naturally had to ask about Mirabelle's future (while we know Tinker ["Cougar Town's" Lamarcus Tinker] loves her, we also know he loves bacon). "I think that he will love her and care for her as long as her pig-ly life will allow," he says with a laugs. "You know what I think he'll do? He'll try and get a friend for her."

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