Recap Days of Our Lives: 09/22/2010

Stefano wants revenge on whoever shot EJ and he puts one of his men on the job. Kate knows Stefano still thinks it might be Will. Stefano warns Kate that if it is Will, action will be taken despite the personal cost and loss to them. Upset, Kate goes to see Philip. He tells her about Vivian, but she doesn't have much of a reaction. Thrown by this, Philip inquires and learns she's worried that Stefano has become consumed with finding who shot EJ. Philip reassures her it was no one in their family, but Kate, privately, is still worried about Will. Kate thinks of a deadly scenario to stop Stefano. Stefano arrives and sits with EJ. He worries it could be Will, but vows to find out. Stefano's hired goon arrives at the hospital with the proof Stefano was looking for. He returns home to Kate, and it looks like she may put her idea in motion...

Lexie keeps EJ's progress from Stefano. She tells Abe that she doesn't want her father overreacting to EJ saying Sami's name. Abe agrees and fears Stefano would misinterpret and go after Sami. 

Rafe continues to press Will, and just as it looks like Will may come clean, Arianna interrupts. Will takes off, and Arianna defends EJ as brother and sister have words and are at an impasse. Later, Rafe worries if Will did shoot EJ, how will he protect him? At the same time, Will worries about his mom. He overhears Lexie tell Abe that EJ muttered Sami's name, and he fears it's only a matter of time until the jig is up. 

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