Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 20 "A Thousand Words" Review

This season of Criminal Minds has reached all different levels of suspense and whether its too graphic for viewers. And tonight I think it hit a whole new level. There was a scene tonight with a woman giving birth that was very graphic but it did add a lot of intense emotion to the show. It wasn't like we saw any private area yet I found it to be quite intense for an episode.

The storyline tonight was the best part however. The team had to chase down an unsub that has tattoos of his victims along with a special invisible tattoo that can only be seen by blacklight. I didn't even know that existed. That may become extremely popular with today's society.

This season has been an amazing one. And I think this show has done an amazing job of bringing horrific storylines that make any viewer either squirm or ache for more. I enjoyed the episode, wasn't necessarily my favorite. But this show deserves a solid 4 out of 5.


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