HUMAN TARGET “Taking Ames” Review

Human Target Season 2 Episode 3 - Taking Ames

Winston says at one point that when women get added into the picture, "things get messy", and I think that’s a great way to describe this episode. We know that Ames comes from a shady past and this time, that shady past catches up with her. Okay so maybe not so much catches up as she runs back to it. When Ames realizes she’s in over her head, Chance and the rest of the team have to help out. Not all of the team is necessarily on the same side though, which tests everyone’s loyalty and trust with each other.

I mean Chase, Guerrero and Winston have already established how much they care and trust each other. Even Ilsa had her chance to prove that she trusts the team, but so far we’ve just taken it for granted that Ames was all in. She fell in with the group and they just took her under their collective wing, shady past and all. So when she’s forced to choose between her old life and the new one, we’re not exactly sure which she’s gonna pick. At least, I know I wasn’t.

Another thing I have to say is that, in a strange way, I’m almost glad that this is the last advance review I’m going to do for a while. Not being able to list out all my favorite bits is killing me. There’s so many I want to say but alas, nearly all would be spoilers.

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