TERRIERS “Hail Mary” Review

Terriers Season 1 Episode 13 - Hail Mary

I learned a lot from watching the first season of Terriers. Like the fact that heroes don’t have to be the best looking guys, the smartest guys or the richest guys. They can just be regular guys. I hope no one takes offense at that because I mean it in the nicest way. I like that Hank and Britt, at first glance, don’t look like your typical heroes or leading men. I like that I got the wrong impression of both of them and that it wasn’t until a few episodes in that I realized just how awesome they both were.

And let me just say that this season finale gave me more reasons to love them. By the time last week’s episode ended, our unlikely heroes were screwed, and I mean really screwed this time. It seems like just when I think the boys can’t get into any deeper crap, they find a whole new underground level of it as yet undiscovered by man.

What I find so amazing about Terriers though, is how they can take situations that are somewhat depressing and still keep the audience optimistic. While it definitely cuts emotionally to watch what happens to these guys, there’s still enough fight and humor left in them both that I find myself rooting for them, not feeling sorry for them. As many times as I had tears in my eyes, I also spent a lot of time laughing or gasping at a new twist in the story.

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