Survivor 21.12 "You Started, You're Finshing" Recap

 Survivor 21.12 You Started, Youre Finshing Recap

This week's episode begins with Jeff Probst recapping the terrible conditions the players have gone through and the desires of Holly, NaOnka and Purple Kelly to quit at various points in the game.  The evening of Day 27, after the Tribal Council where Brenda was voted out, Libertad returns to camp.  Purple Kelly (OK, she's just Kelly from now on, as she has decided to actually talk in this episode) tells NaOnka that Tribal Council was "wild."  She was totally left in the dark by the other members of her alliance, which puts her in danger.  Kelly is now at the bottom of the totem pole.  Holly approaches NaOnka and tells her that even though Brenda tried throwing NaOnka under the bus, that actually makes Holly trust her more.  As long as NaOnka keeps running to Holly with information, she has every reason to trust NaOnka.  NaOnka confesses that Brenda got burned by going after her.  Brenda tried to make her look bad, but "Bitch, you made me look good!"  NaOnka is in a strong position because people are intimidated by her and afraid she'll go off on them.  Later, Chase tells NaOnka that she, him, Jane and Holly should stick together, and NaOnka agrees.

The next morning, the rain is pouring down; so much so that the river has overflowed and rushing mud into the ocean.  NaOnka feels "like crap" on account of her anemia which causes her joints to hurt in the bad weather.  Kelly cries to Fabio that she doesn't know how much longer she can put up with the weather and the game.  She doesn't want to give up, but how much can she take?  Fabio tells her that she just needs to find a mental happy place.  Soon enough, the sun comes out.  Benry and Fabio talk in the jungle about how they want NaOnka and Kelly out -- if they want to quit, good riddance.  NaOnka pulls Chase into the jungle and tells him that her heart isn't in the game any more.  So, she's going to give him her Hidden Immunity Idol, the "key to the game."  She leaves him with some advice, "Don't be scatterbrained."

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