'Survivor: Nicaragua' Season 21, Episode 11 Recap

Survivor Nicaragua, Naonka, Chase

A few things popped to mind after watching tonight's episode of 'Survivor;' Jeff Probst seems to be finding it harder and harder to stomach people's idiocies (and, really, who can blame him), this season is not doing a whole helluva lot to bolster Nicaraguan tourism and, man, that Brenda may have been bitchy, but she sure is a babe.

Ok, some other things came to mind too, things like 'Please tell me they didn't really just sink so low as to hawk a studio movie in the middle of the rainforest,' but, we'll get to that -- and other sickening things -- in a moment.

Hark back, if you will, to two Wednesdays ago when our fair Brenda was shown the door to the Ponderosa and all went haywire with pretty much everybody's alliances. In tonight's episode, we picked up with the aftermath of the ouster and then hunkered down for -- what else? -- some more rain. 

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