'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- Quitters Never Prosper (VIDEO)

'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- Quitters Never Prosper

Only four players have quit 'Survivor' during the show's decade-long run. There's a reason for this: Quitters never prosper. The longer you stay, the more money you get. On tonight's 'Survivor: Nicaragua' (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC), two players were tempted to leave anyway. Would they stay or would they go?

A torrential rainstorm hit the Libertad camp, which was still recovering from last week's fire. The rain washed away part of the beach -- and for two contestants, it also swept away their will to continue. NaOnka has nervous breakdowns every time it rains; now, she was joined by Kelly Shinn -- known as "Purple Kelly" for the dyed-purple tips of her hair.

Following this week's challenge, NaOnka and Kelly announced that they wanted to go home. Host Jeff Probst was clearly irritated, but tried to give the pair a pep-talk. He told the women that they had lasted for 28 days -- and only had to survive for 11 more. Jeff refused to accept their resignation. Instead, he asked them to spend the day thinking about it, then make their choice at that evening's tribal council. Next, he gave NaOnka a shot at redemption.

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